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Khula due to husband hiding facts about himself

I under very distressing condition have taken khula from my husband as he hid his medical condition right from the start of the alliance.

Please help and pray for my daughter

Her mental growth is below her age. She is lacking visual perception. She has attention deficiency also.

Medical problem breaking wudhu… can I pray? Could it be the evil eye?

Its going to be my 15th day tomorrow that I have not prayed as I have been having on/off bleeding… My family are saying I can pray and I know a sister who one day said I can pray and the next text said I can’t pray??? what do I do? … my mum had a sisters gathering in her house and I have not been myself since… could it be evil eye???

Can I Marry my First Cousin?

Are there very high chances of abnormality? It’s a family proposal for me; I am also attracted to her, so is she. Their is no problem from both families but I am worried about medical issues which may arise.