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Interfaith Marriage problems

I need advice, I can’t keep hurting in silence.

Is my marriage valid?

I am legally married to one man, but we have not lived togther in nearly a year. When I became interested in Islam I did ask him to consider it with me. He adamantly refused. That was more than six months ago.

Should I contact the father’s family after all he has put me through?

Please need advice and guidance; I came 6 year ago to USA to improve my career skills I met a Shia Muslim guy from Lebanon, we started dating which in my community is OK as long as there is not sexual contact to get to know the potential husband.

Mutah marriage, four years full of lies.

My story begins with a man that i have been with for almost 4 years now. We met online and we fell in love quickly, we talked about getting married and having a family from the beginning. He spoke to me about Islam daily…