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Duas to solve the family problems and to get the loved one as my husband

I sincerely want to get married to him but at first my family problems should be solved.

Doubts and negative thoughts

Sometimes I feel like ending up my life but I’m very afraid to do it as I knew the severe punishment of suicide in the hereafter.

I remain upset most of the time

My problem is again the cousin I love. It’s been more than a year I am unable to get out of his thoughts.

Pornography and masturbation are ruining my life!

Once I used to be the mua’zin of my hostel masjid, i used to say the azan during the days of my high school, my heart used to be stuck in the masjid and now seven years on, I find myself in a serious mess…

Need lots of prayers please for me and my daughter

My husband has left us for me trying to stop him from drinking and womanizing. Please pray that he comes back to me and my daughter.

How can I let go of all what they say so, I can build my future?

Before I ask my question. I need to tell my story.. I live in Europe, taking master degree (the only one in family who is taking a higher education). The reason for my chose to take a education was it felt like my refugee from my sorrows.. Since I was child, my siblings have hurt my […]