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Husband ignores me

When he is around he will just be busy with computer games…

My dead father is haunting me

I am writing to you for help with one of life’s problems. I am a recent convert to Islam and I am ashamed to ask my local Imam for help. I was an only child and I lived with both my parents, while my mother wanted me and demonstrated this through love and attention, my father was a different story (he died nearly 20 years ago).

Tired of sitting at home between 4 walls, waiting for husband

I just want us to be soulmates you know. If not soulmates, I just want him to do things with me, interact with me. if he can go to various shopping malls or markets with his friends and enjoy himself, why can´t he take me? Can´t he see or understand how I’m feeling or going through being at home every single day waiting for him?

I am in a strange state of life

I am a Muslim woman ,married since last 14 years, I have a very complicated situation. i have 2 kids. I got married in a very young age and was hardly aware of sex and pleasure. Over all he is a gentleman but he forced me always to do job , I’m doing job in a factory since I got married with him and used to give him my all salary. He used to spend all money on his relatives but I never objected by the fears of ALLAH