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My husband considers my niece a true Muslim but says I am not

Why is she a true Muslim and I am not? It is her destiny but do I not make it possible? Why is so hard for some Muslims to accept somebody who converted to Islam?

His niece is ruining our marriage

It’s like my whole marriage is a lie and everything is controlled by that girl. He even told me doesn’t want kids from me now.

Is it permissible to marry my grandma’s niece?

I have been trying to find the answer to this question. Is it permissible to marry my grandma’s brother’s daughter? She is younger than me. Ari314

Can I marry her?

We are six in my family including my Dad and Mum making it eight. I am the First Son of my Dad and Fourth child in my family, there is three girls. Ahead of me and two boys after me, making it six.