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Difficulty in searching for pious spouse in Pakistan

What I have observe is piousness is not a criteria in Pakistan and often women, who have proposals, lie about many things and don’t give preference to the Deen of the proposal.

Need help in clearing confusion about my husband behaviour

I am muslim lady from pakistan. I got married to Uk born Pakistani man. It took a year for me to get the visa. During that time my husband use to call me so many times in a day and my inlaws are so kind and nice. it was a love marriage. I went to UK to join my husband.

My life is a mess & I need someone to guide me to repent, please don´t judge me

Could you please help I got married to my pakistani cousin as parents made me feel guilty but didnt force me just made me feel so guilty I said yes. I had a boyfriend here in england so when I came back from pakistan after getting married I started to be with my boyfriend here again.

Can a Woman Remarry before her Divorce is Final?

If you are married to your wife and you haven’t divorced her, because you are going through the courts to see your kids, is she allowed to go and get married in pakistan. Even if you have not divorced her?

Parents not agreeing to my choice of wife because she is a different caste

I decided to tell my parents about the girl I want to marry, and I did hesitate a little bit first because theres a problem of caste in our family, but then decided that I have not done anything wrong by deciding to marry a girl out of caste.

We moved to Pakistan and I became like a prisoner

When we moved to Pakistan, my husband asked me to cover my face, not to go outside, and I became like a maid for his family. I have no money, he is gone for months at a time, and when he is here he abuses me.