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I’m sexually frustrated but my parents are delaying my marriage

I’m sexually very, very frustrated and have suicidal thoughts. Is it right for a parent to prevent marriage when seeing their child in this condition?

Delaying Nikkah Because of His Parents

I am very upset with this situation because I feel that I have to cut all ties with him now until his parents will allow us to marry to avoid committing zina or being in a haram relationship.

My father is violent and won’t find me a marriage

He said to me “I will kill you today”. Then he was throwing things on me including hammer and screwdriver and then I also attacked him, hit him, and tear his shirt.

Parents delaying marriage

If we were to wait until he graduates, we would only be married when I am 27 and he is 29. We are extremely upset that our parent are delaying our marriage and it is affecting his studies as well.

I have found someone for marriage but my parents say I should finish my degree.

I don’t know what I should do, I am scared to speak to my family about it as they want to see me to be successful in university. What’s your advice? I know you will say, go speak to my parents about it but what should I do?