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Man proposed to me but family refusing because of his qualifications

I told him all of my issues he said he will wait but still my parents aren’t agrreeing bcoz of his qualification.

They deny him for my sister and don’t give a valid reason

I feel my sister took all the right steps. But nothing changed. Eventually years passed and my sister was introduced to someone, she told my parents immediately, and asked them to proceed with this person further in any way they want. She wasn’t pressurising them in anyway in fact she gave them before and after this situation a lot of time. My parents did nothing as usual and hoped my sister would forget about it and leave the situation.

His parents disapprove our relationship because my family has a bad background

I have been in a relationship for 7 years we both want to get married but his family are not agreeing to it as my family background is not good but i’m very different from them. Is it my fault if my family is not good? His family doesn’t know me he has told them he wants to marry me but they said “no” because of my family.

Rejected because of age, but want to hold on – need Istikhara


My name is Marukh, and I am a 20 year old female. I need some help with the Istikhara, I am also looking for some answers and I am hoping that my questions will get their answers with a good advice. I have a proposal from a very good perso