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Man proposed to me but family refusing because of his qualifications

Dentist and patientI am dentist. have permanent govt. Job in Pakistan.

my mother's friend asked for her son to marry me. He was doing MBA here but didn't complete it and went US he has now permanent citizenship and runs family business. Here they also have family business. Factory and stuff well off and nice family..

My dad lives in US too. He is married there and we have a lot of family issues he doesn't like the proposal. Guy himself approached me and said he wants to marry. i have responsibility of my sister who is doing mbbs privately have to pay her fee. three years are left for her mbbs. I told him all of my issues he said he will wait but still my parents aren't agrreeing bcoz of his qualification.

I never wanted to go Us too bcoz what my father did but he is nice. I have passed my postgraduation exams now waiting for government induction..

And now my mother and her friend aren't in good terms now..i don't know what to do..

- Dentist

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  1. Dear

    Your problems are very simple give your self time and your father means well.

    His marriage is not haram and i knows things are a bit rough but there is always a way.

    You need to consider your future. Nowadays education is very important to survive in this world if you are not well off from your background.

    Your father means well. He is thinking about your future. I would like to request you to listen to your parents because they mean well. If you are not interested in your mothers friend son proposal then tell that to them. I am sure they wont force you.

    You are young and educated and doing a job so i am sure you understand your fathers point of his not being qualified for you.

    If he is calling you abroad then kindly go. God has better plans for you there.

    • Manis, if you read her post again you will see that the man's family is well off. He obviously has the means to support this sister. So I don't see how your reply fits the situation.

      Wael Editor

  2. Assalamualaykum Sister,

    You write that the brother approached you for marriage. This was unfortunately not the correct approach. He needs to go to your Wali, your father, directly, and ask for your hand in marriage. Maybe if given time, your father will see how much this brother means to you, and will loosen up about him not having completed his MBA. After all, he is still successful in running a business even without a degree. A degree isn't everything. Keep in touch with your father, have conversations with him, and let him know how much this brother means to you. Inshallah he will come around with time. Don't expect immediate change, however. It could take a few years.



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