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Breast implants after weight loss

I am unmarried… I am scared that my future husband will reject me.

Am I ugly?

My husband told me to undergo a whitening treatment… he told me to take injections for preventing melanin!

Nose Job issue. In this society why face beauty matters.

A man can marry to a woman for 3 reasons, for woman’s beauty, woman’s wealth, or woman’s good moral and character. Can I go for nose job so I will be acceptable?

I want to wear hair extension but I was told that they are haram in Islam.

I am a teenager and I was always in-confident about my hair being REALLY short all the time. I want to buy hair extensions. I have heard that it may be haram, depending on your reason, but I want them for my own personal beauty, not for people to think I am pretty or for others to like me. I just want them for myself; not for anybody else’s opinion. I was wondering, if it is haram? I heard Allah will put a curse on those who wear extensions but i really want them.
what should I do?