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Consequences of Adultery

He is very worried and thinks that he is raising someone else’s children.

Christian Girl pregnant by a Muslim man, what to do?

We speak on the phone, but anytime I ask what is the right thing to do he gets angry and asks why I didn’t abort the child. He hasn’t helped with the pregnancy at all, and I’ve been doing everything on my own with a child already.

Should I marry this non-practising Shia girl?

The girl is not very highly practicing one in either Shite or Sunni faith though she says it does not matter as she is “just Muslim” and wants to marry someone who is also “just Muslim”. My understanding is that a Sunni boy may marry with a Shite girl as long as the girl agrees to allow the offspring to be raised as Sunni and not Shite.

Should we stop our 8 year old from watching cartoons?

I know that instead of indulging her in watching cartoons, we should make her watch Islamic channels. But where I live there are no Islamic channels.

Married to a non- muslim. How can I bring her to Islam?

My wife is a non muslim woman who is big on traditional holidays she likes to celebrate all holidays even though I don’t..

Husband returned to Catholicism & is signing the cross over our children

I am in a dilemma now. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters. He converted from Catholicism to Islam when we married. However, he has never felt like a Muslim in his heart.

My husband is a good man, but has no interest in Deen

At the time I got married to him he said he doesn’t drink and he was smoking but he gave up. After I moved to Australia he started again. He doesn’t drink all the time but occasionally at office parties and entertaining their non Muslim cousins at home.
It’s written in out marriage certificate that he is giving Sri Lankan Rupees 50000 as mahar but he never gave. How important is that?