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Should we stop our 8 year old from watching cartoons?

Salam to all

I know that instead of indulging her in watching cartoons, we should make her watch Islamic channels. But where I live there are no Islamic channels.

Well my sister is 8yrs old and like all kids she watches cartoon (doremon, ninja hatori rest I can't remember)

Is it ok for us to let her watch these because I used to watch Tom & Jerry and similar cartoons when I was a child.

Should we stop her from watching cartoons?

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  1. Salaams,

    It's not a bad thing to be concerned about the things children are exposed to. It seems like every year kids are knowing about so many things they shouldn't because of what they may have seen on television, even children's shows and cartoons. Indeed, some cartoons have very adult content and are not appropriate for adolescents, let alone younger children.

    That being said, if a child occassionally watches cartoons that are benignly entertaining or even educational and that don't violate any moral or developmental boundaries, it will not corrupt the child for the rest of their life. It's true that in an ideal situation children would only watch things that would benefit their spirituality on television, but in reality that goal is hard to attain for the reason you said- lack of availability.

    I would advise any parent to restrict the amount of time they allow their child to watch television, whether it's a cartoon or not. So, if you decide to allow her to watch cartoons, limit it to one show or perhaps an hour or half hour at a time if the cartoons are shorter than 30 minutes. I would also suggesting watching the cartoons with her to make sure that the content is appropriate. I've been shocked at some of the things I've seen on even SpongeBob Squarepants, which is touted as a very popular children's cartoon. If you find that none of the shows she would watch are good for her, then try engaging her in other tasks that she enjoys, so that she won't feel she's missing out on whatever the television has to offer.

    One final thing: even though there is very limited availability to Islamic channels, (especially for children) there are Islamic cartoons that can be ordered online for purchase or even viewed on youtube. Many of them illustrate events that are a part of our Islamic History or teach children how to follow Allah's ways. I'm sure if you do a little digging through the internet, you're sure to find something that may strike her fancy and help her grow into a faithful muslimah as well.

    -Amy Editor

  2. I would say to you to completely prohibit her from watching tv all together.
    so that only what you want goes into her mind, nothing else.
    She will become much more mature when she is exposed to reality rather than fantasy.
    Because children are special, in that they never let go of what they were indoctrinated with.
    So i would advice you to sit down with your sister and indoctrinate her.
    Because children dont doubt what they are told.
    They are like rocks which are written upon, its hard to delete whats on it.

    Cartoons like sceouby doo and tom and jerry teach children cowardice.

    If you have children in the future and you live in darul kufr, i would also add that you dont put them in public schools, many muslim parents have started doing home schooling.

  3. I m afraid I have lost control of that , even my parents allow my sister to watch cartoon and she likes to watch while having dinner unless she will not eat

    During her holiday , she wakes up early not like school days and watch cartoon

    Some of cartoons have lite sexual content like doremon which I don't like and should not be allowed for children especially girls

    Well cartoons have taken over our house

    • Hmm that makes things a bit more difficult.

      I dont think there is anything wrong with her watching cartoons provided they do not transgress bounds. Also to cut her off from all TV may sound appealing, but sometimes too many restrictions can cause a negative attitude to develop. You dont want a child to associate Islam with 'taking away all fun from life.' Thats not Islam is - BUT she shouldnt be watching things with sexual content in. What is concerning though is how she refuses to eat.

      Speak to your parents in private away from your sister. Be polite and have adab and ask them that maybe she shouldnt be relying so much on cartoons.
      Try to give an alternative so rather than saying dont let her watch cartoons maybe say: 'Some of the things she watches have bad content in and I'm worried. I have found this dvd/video though which she might enjoy and it is free from haraam things.

      But definietly ask them to cut her time on cartoons down and monitor them. This is going to require the utmost strength on your parents part as because they have already let her, she will probab;y 'kick and scream'.

      Sara Editor

    • You cant really do much if you are not in full authority in your house and when your parents are workings against you.

      Admonish your parents in a way which is respectfull, dont raise your voice, but show extrreme dissappointment at what they are allowing. Show them you are disgusted at what they allow, specially the dad of the girl, that you had better expectations etc.....

  4. Waalaikumsalam sister,

    I don't think there is anything wrong for children to watch cartoon. It is very much acceptable to know them loving to watch it even there are also adults who do love watching cartoon. As long as the story of cartoons are appropriate to watch then just let them enjoy it. It's true that there are cartoons which are not good to watch by children so as a sister, you could help her to find what is good for her to watch and take her attention to do something else interesting in order to avoid watching bad cartoons.

    I have a very lovely niece who is about 4 years old. She does like watching cartoon but her mom chooses good cartoons for her to watch. She bought her DVDs of Islamic cartoons. The message of each story is also very inspiring for children to learn for instance how to pray, how to thank to Allah, how to help others. The characters in cartoon are also Islamically dressed, such as a little girl in hijab. This way, while enjoying to watch what she likes, she can also learn small things about Islam through the cartoon she watches.

    I just shared it, it may also work for your sweet sister. 🙂

  5. It is not good idea to ban TV completly. Some programs are educational, and some cartoons are educational too. Twinkel, twinkel little star...

  6. I think that its not bad for our children to watch cartoons because it it a form of entertainment for them and it also educates them too. But also we need to watch out on the types of cartoons that the kids watch. Some are immoral thus they may impact on our children in the negative way. For they always tend to practice whatever they see on television

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