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I’m his secret second wife, and I want out!

I’m probably very selfish, but I do not accept his wife…I can’t accept her. Why? I’m born in Europe, from a Christian family, and as you know we don’t accept many wives. I’m not ready to accept her, and I will never be. I don’t see her as a sister. I’m depressed, I cry a lot, and I cant stand this situation any more.

My husband won’t tell his family about us after 5 years

I feel very alone in this, and betrayed, I have lost trust and losing respect in him because of this.

Heartbroken by my husband’s secret second marriage

He calls it jealousy but I am really dying inside. Please help me. What shall I do? I can’t force him to divorce her and I can’t live with him with her.

Husband has not told his future second wife we are married.

I don’t know what will happen… will he divorce me when she arrives? His family only agreed because of my suggestion, but the situation has changed.

Am I allowed to tell his second wife of my existance as his first wife?

Please answer my question. I am having a dilemma dealing with the situation. My husband and I are married for 3 years. Its been really beautiful in the beginning so much love and so much respect and lot of trust was our marriage. Suddenly my husband started changing and was withdrawn for me and was acting up e.g getting angry very quickly, saying hurtful words and talking about me to other people.