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Cannot wake up for fajr due to medical condition

I’m on medication and unable to concentrate properly when I wake up for fajr… I lose my strength more.

want to get rid of jinn[dark force/evil/bhoot]

My mother is suffering with jinn and we don’t know what is going on with her life… inside her body…

Suicidal because of my sexual thoughts

I try so hard but I get nowhere. Allah is my witness, what’s in my heart is so different to what happens in my brain… Is it still haraam for me to take my life?

Marriage with a sick person

He told me about his illness and health – any miracle can happen but he’s not sure and his life is not strong.

Suffering from severe illness at Eid

I think Allah(swt) is punishing me for the sins that I have committed in my life. I read a few articles published on this site, and I was very inspired by them. This is the reason I’m here. I want to know whether there is anything that I should do in order to earn back Allah’s(swt) love.

Pregnant after caring for a sick man

I met a man about 2 years ago who became gravely sick a week after we met. I was there while he was hospitalized all the way until he came home after surgery. However, fast forward a year and a half later I’m 7 weeks pregnant and confused as to what step we need to initiate before the birth of this child being that it was sex before marriage.

What is the status of the chronically ill in the hereafter?

Can you elaborate on what status is given to sick people, such as chronically ill people whose lives have changed because of it but who accept Allah’s SWT decree wholeheartedly- will they be forgiven in the hereafter ?