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Unmarried at 29. How to deal with the societal pressure and resentment?

I’d like to know how one can deal with the pressure and social anxiety about being unmarried in the late 20s while everyone around them gets hitched.

Desires vs. society

Others might not be bothered delaying nikah in the desi society, but some have strong desires and since I’m one of them, why should I suffer? Some portray marriage as such a complex thing, as if it’s no different than being jailed. Now I’m 22, don’t watch porn, wish to stay away from fitna, sport a sunnah beard, and offer my prayers. But every so often when I get depressed, I just can’t help but please myself.

My parents care about society, but I care for him

He is ready to marry me without dowry or any other cultural rituals; I mean only nikah. But my parents want me to get married to a professional by giving dowry, money and other things etc. They say that if I get married to that boy, they will have their heads down in society as he studied only up to tenth. But he is strictly religious, namazi and away from girls.