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Secret Step Children

Before I  met my husband I had 2 sons. When we decided we wanted to marry he wanted to keep them a secret from his family so they would not disapprove of the marriage. I was against it but ended up giving in with the notion it was temporary.

Mom remarried, can stepfather see me without hijab?

I am a 16 year old girl that just moved in with mom. The question is, now that my mother has remarried, can my step dad see me without a scarf?

Stepfathers rights

I have been married to my husband for 12 years, we have 5 children Mashallah. My oldest son is 13 years of age, his father has no contact with him. My son looks to my Husbund as any son would do to a father. My son is a good boy, Mashallah, he pray’s, he’s doing very well in school and is a good brother to his younger siblings(most of the time).

Surnames limbo

Can my children from my previous marriage take on their stepfathers surname for public use while retaining their biological father’s name on their birth certificates