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Sin to wear hijab in Ramadan only?

It’s Ramadan now and my friend said I should wear the hijab in the month of Ramadan and I can take it off after. But wouldn’t that be an even bigger sin to wear it then take off?

The hijab makes me hate being Muslim

I feel like because of the hijab I just dislike Islam, I hate being Muslim, I just feel terrible all the time.

My husband refuses to accept my wearing a hijab

I decided to wear hijab last Jan 2011 after finally increasing my Eman (reverted 15 yrs ago but wasn’t practicing -read my profile) but my hubby felt it was too soon and wants me to go slowly because he doesn’t want the kids to feel I’m being extreme. His identity and he’s not ready to live as a fully practicing Muslim and that my wearing hijab makes a statement about our level of belief that he’s not ready to publically make. He’s also stated that he will feel differently about me (his affection for me) if I decide to continue wearing it. I told him that what he’s imposing on me is sinful.

Is it okay to show my hair to a prospective husband?

There is a guy who has proposed to me. I know that there is a hadith for the Prophet Mohamed (sala Allahu alehi wasalam) saying it’s okay for the guy to look at the girl. Does that include hair as well?