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We are trying to conceive but in vain.

We’re having problems conceiving a baby

My husband’s semen count is very less. I don’t know what to do.

My husband lacks intimacy which makes me angry and I wish for death

i m in high depression reason is that we r trying for child since 3 yrs but not succeed yet. secondly my hushband sleep without making love with me, neither he could not satisfy me. although he is very caring but he lack in this relation. i dont want frm him to have sexual relation daily, but at least he can hugs me, i feel lonely all alone my self, wat should i do in this situation.

Trying to conceive, need a dua’ to get pregnant

I am married for 7 months and trying to conceive but not able to conceive. Plz help me I am worried. I am very tensed.

Trying to conceive, what is the best position or method?

I have been trying to get pregnant since I got married last year. Is there any particular position or manner of doing intercourse.. according to Islam OR position after intercourse to conceive?

Trying to conceive for 7 months

salam I have been trying to conceive for 7 months and I am making dua to Allah and daily I am checking my basal body temperature in morning and doing OPK test also. What should I do now?