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Islam on children borne out of such forbidden marriages

I know a Muslim family, in which father is married to sisters. Both are alive, Both have kids, I know its haram, but whats the status of kids in Islam, please clarify.

We want to spend our lives together but I am not sure if I should trust him due to cultural, religious and age differences.

I have met and fallen in love with a Saudi student who is considerably younger than me (18years). He is from one of the most liberal cities in KSA and has told me that his family will eventually accept me. I can’t help but wonder if this is possible due to the age and cultural difference, and the fact that his student visa will be expiring in another year or so. I also worry that he may be married already and hiding it from me, so that he has someone to be with while he is in the states. Is there a way to find out if he is married and is there any hope for this relationship?