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How to stop fearing the future?

I don’t even allow myself temporary happiness or appreciate the blessings that God might be giving me because I wait for something to go wrong because I feel like that’s how its going to be if I become religious -I have to deal with continuous difficulties.

Is head covering obligatory for Muslimahs and how can I improve my faith?

recently i find it difficult to pray,concentrate.there is no khushu..cant concentrate..after prayer i normally fall in sajud n talk to ALLAH(SWT)..but now i find no interest even don’t feel like reciting the Quran:(.. ive always noticed that after my menstruation I feel no interest on coming closer to Allah. why is that?

My husband is not sure about Islam

I have a question regarding my husband. I am seperated from him right now. The situation is: he converted to islam when we first got married, months later, he told me that he doesn’t believe in Islam yet he’s not sure if it the truth. He used to celebrate Christmas and all the non-Islamic holidays.