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Problems with emotionally troubled husband

We had the katb ktab coz it was needed for his immigration application, and although i knew i was unhappy i let it be. After this told me that it was ok for us to go to hotel and have intercourse because we were legally married. I didn’t want to but he had spoken to a sheikh and said it was legal. i didn’t want to do anything without my family knowing about it, (this katb ktab was only for immigration sake, the wedding was to be held overseas in the presence of his family..). I went along because he was really intimidating me.

Cheated on husband. Should I tell him or divorce cuz he deserves better?

I am from Pakistan. I was married for 6 yrs. It was nikkah so according to our elders we werent allowed to sleep with each other. In pakistan there is another ceremony called “giving away the bride”, thats when the girl leaves house to live with the husband. Since we hadn’t done the GiveAway ceremony, we weren’t allowed to sleep with each other but of course me and my husband did. There were so many restrictions that were brought upon us by our families. I went to school in a different state and ended up sleeping with another guy.

Muslim woman who left to finish her education and married someone else?

I’d like to find out what does Islam say about a Muslim woman, who is married and has a valid Nikah in presence of more than 100 guests, but the final wedding ceremony was not fulfilled because the woman in question is a Ph.D. student and she needed to finish her education before the wedding.