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Wife’s Extra Marital Affair

Recently I have received evidence that she is having an over the phone affair with her boss.

My Wife Loves Another Man

She will not give up her lover unless I give up my second wife, she does not accept any arguments based on Islam she simply says “That is your religion, not mine”.

My wife is cheating on me

I have files on her having internet sex “cybersex” with 7 other men and when I confronted her about all these men she said it was ok to do this under Islam law.

My wife cheats on me

She is cheating, hurting me. I have so many trouble in my life coz her love and sex for others. This trouble is so painful…

My mother confessed to me she’s been having an affair

I am very confused about this situation I hope I will get some advice about what to do it’s like just today my mother confessed that she had been cheating on my father from the last one year and though my mother and father have been married for the last 19 years and nothing like that ever happened before. So since I am their elder daughter it hurts me to know that and I just want to make things right .