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How can I make my wish come true?

Can a wish come true by fasting? Other than fasting, reciting what can make my wish come true?

Are my parents allowed to force me to marry someone?

I’m the elder daughter of my parents. I have another younger sister. We don’t have any brother. We always tried to do everything what our parents wanted us to do. Every time my father used to tell me you can do this and you can’t do this. I didn’t have any opinion of my own. It is like what ever we do on our own will be wrong and bad for us.

Should I have a child to make him happy?

I have been married for 7months alhamdullah and have been very happy. Marriage is very sacred to me and I love my husband very much, alhamdullah. However my husband has always wanted children much more than me

I want my teacher to give me high mark, any dua?

What duah will I say to make my teacher do as I wish and make him to score me a high mark?