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How soon can a Muslim man re-marry?

He wants to immediately marry again.. He is not divorcing the Christian wife but wants to have another Muslim wife.

How many wives in Jannah?

I married only one woman…

I married a married man. Is my muslim marriage valid?

I just recently got married with a muslim man who has a first wife. We got married before he was able to tell his first wife of the said event…

Will Allah permit a man to reject hoor al ayn?

Please do not cite Hadiths about the virility and sexual capabilities of men in Jannah, as I have read them all and have experienced a loss of iman. It has been five years since I came across this topic, and have been extremely hurt by it. It sounds stupid, i know, but throughout my life, I depended and turned to Allah s.w.t. I never knew I would have an amazing, loving husband as I do now, but I always knew that human beings are unfaithful..