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Feeling less as a wife

I always fought for equality with my brothers at home but now I feel worthless as a wife. It’s more like a maid.

What does Quran say about 4 marriages?

If 4 marriages is to save the men from zina then who will save the wife from commiting zina?… Secondly why do elders think that the university or college going girls are morally low?

Sexual rights of women

I satisfy his needs all the time and I am a sexual being as well… since he isn’t giving this to me do I have the right to divorce?

Torn between my family and my husband

My husband sent me a text message that I should go back to my father`s house until after I am done with the schooling then I can come back to the marriage. When I returned from school he had changed the lock.

Why are men given such high position over women in Islam?

Why is there soo much of importance for men in Islam? Why do women have to suffer for everything? Why can’t it be equal?

Why can’t a woman have more than one husband?

the saying is that a man can have 4 wives (if he treats them the same). but then why can’t a woman have more than 1 husband?? reason??

Do women have the right to divorce?

Do women have the right to divorce?