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Need dua’ please for successful in vitro fertilisation(4)

January 3, 2021

Kindly give us a dua for a successful IVF for pregnancy. The test is due in a few days.

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I dont know what to do about my posessive mother in law

My mother in law is very possessive… even the servants are rude to me. It’s now my fault that we are unable to have kids… it’s Allah’s will so what can I do? I think if artificial insemination fails they’ll divorce me.

Can I have baby through egg donation and how to get over emotional problems resulting from previous abusive marriage?

Im beginning to think if I wasnt mentally prepared to enter into a marriage or if i continue these emotional cries i will end up pushing my husband away?….. what can I do to make my anxiety disappear and mentally belive in myself and this marriage that this husband will not betray me or have bad intentions? (inshahallah) and in regards to the egg donation is this right and halaal in Islam?

Is babies sex selection permissible in Islam?

Can someone please tell me if sex selection is allowed in Islam – when parents choose the sex of their baby.

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