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Dua to get my loved one back

so close so far, heart, with my heart in my hand

My love and I have been engaged for a long time and suddenly problems have arisen creating complications between us two which may lead us not being together.

Is there a Dua to get my love back into my life, for us to reunite, to finally be together and live happily?

- farru

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  1. As salamu alaykum,

    I won´t advice you any dua for that, but I would recommend you to strengthen your iman and be your best to be ready for what is the best for you, insha´Allah.

    Only Allah(swt) knows what is the best for both of you, be firm in your way and follow the straight Path and you will be making little steps of light that will make a shining path for the one you are meant to be with, insha´Allah.

    My beloved sister, listen to the Adhan and make your salat, read the Quran and the Names of Allah, keep striving to be your best and to shine as a diamond in the middle of the stones( I like this phrase Wael wrote in IslamicSunrays, it fits you perfectly, Alhamdulillah) to be seen by the one that only Allah(swt) knows is for you, insha´Allah.

    There are many inspirational readings that can help you through all your struggles in

    Sister, mantain yourself positive and focused on Allah(swt), and if you need to feel Allah(swt) guidance perform Salat Istikhara to know for sure how you have to move, insha´Allah. You have a link on dua, Istikhara and tawbah on top of the page, maybe helpful for you.

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor

  2. Walaikum asalam sister,
    thank you for you !

    • Salaam sister farru,

      Your words touch my Heart, Jazak Allahu Khairan.

      God(swt) bless you.


      María Editor

  3. well i always get fight with my friend (boy) whom i love like brother.

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

  4. hi i am a sunni guy and the one i love is a syed girl. we both love each other and want to be with each other but her parents are against a non syed boy. we both want to marry but her mother and brother and not willing. is there any way that this difficulty can be overcome. i have done istekhara and the result was to have sabr ... can there be any way in which her family will agree to our marrige.. please need help ..

  5. i have logged in and put up my question but there is no reply.. plz help

  6. Please can someone help.. please give me any effective duas.. i have lost the love i want to have nikah with.. i am praying for his heart to feel the love he had for me once more so i can reach the holy land with him as my husband. please give me a dua where i can win back his love and where he has the courage to bring me in front of his parents. i want to be a good daughter to them and i want to be a good wife to him. Please help

  7. A.aleikum w w ,sister,I'm living the same problem,littl much cmplicated,I cry avrday,evr nigth,I dnt knw duasto get ur love back,bt snt gve up,make dua,cry,tell ALLAH ur flngs,inshALLAH he ll help you,pls remenber m in ur Duas!

    • Have been praying constantly to Allah, reciting his names, making salat, prating in the middle of the night.. i hope Allah hears and grants my dua.. may he grant yours too sister.. please anyone who reads this maked a little dua for me that Allah may hear my hearts desires

  8. Ameen suma ameen!he ll acpt just dnt gve up

    • I know he'l accept our duas dear sister, he cannot not have mercy on us, but will he accept our duas in the way that we want.. i really hope Allah can give us a miracle.. my heart has been crying out to him for 3months.. mt intentions are pure.. i'll remember you in my duas sister.. may Allah give you what you want. Allahuma sali ala Mohammad salalahu alayhi wasalam

      • Dear sister i am in a same situation as you are. i know him for past five years, and now he hasn't talk to me for past three months i gone crazy day and night crying for him. i pray from God that accept our prays.

  9. Dear sistr,did u perform istikhara?

  10. I advice u to make istikhara

  11. i love this guy for past five years, but now he has gone to some other country and he hasn't talk to me for past three months now, everyday and night iam crying for him i dont know what to do plz tell me a dua.
    and who ever reads this plz make dua for us that Allah bring both of us toghter back.

    • Hi Sonia,

      May Allah (SWT) have acomplished ur wish. I am curious to know did u find out any dua`s for ur situation cuz I am almost in the same situation as u...
      I would appreciate a response if u get the comment. 🙂

      My best regards.

  12. hi .. i love a boy and he also like me but his family is saying that both of u cnt get marry i m so depressed becuase now he left me he said he cnt leave his parents ..he is not talking to me m crying and in wired condition dont know what to do .. plz tel me any dua plz i need help

  13. Salaam..i just came to know that there is no Dua for gettin back our love.. 🙁
    I'm in a relation with a guy past 3years and he is not talking to me now since 6months.. im going through hell.. I'm so badly addicted to him.. He is like an angel in my life was rough before i met him and now its more difficult for me to survive without him.. I have been praying to ALLAH for our relation to get normal since many days..please i request u all also whoever is reading this, please pray for me..pray that we should get back together too soon.. please its my humble request to all of u.. and his name is Rayyan

  14. Hiya! Did anyone get their love back?

  15. You are all in the same boat! You're not married to these boys and lool what they are doing to you. You all have broken hearts can't u see?? It is a blessing they are gone even if it doesn't sd
    It! Use this opportunity to get closer to allah! Right now u wish they wld come back but in the future it's these boys that will be ur biggest regrets! On the day of judgment we will wish that we could go back and un do those moments where we gave in to the shAytan but it will be too late! I hope that anyone else involved in pre marital relationships reads it stories and instead of sympathising with u they notice the pattern! May allah save all of u from zina before it is too late!!

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