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My boyfriend left me and I can’t stop blaming myself

My ex-boyfriend didn’t like it when I started working. He said that he felt neglected, and wanted more time with me. Now I can’t stop thinking about it….what if I’d been different with him?

He’s abandoned me for a kaafir!

He helped me until the abortion but now he says he doesn’t love me but he wants to marry me later.. Maybe because of that kaafir girl..

What is the punishment suggested in Islam when someone breaks your heart?

I tried so hard to forget him but I failed. Did God not forgive me? And what is the punishment for him?

A Muslim man is the father of my new born baby, who now ignores us

I met a Muslim man from Afghanistan and we started seeing each other and fell in love. I will call him “Fred”. I have never met Fred’s family and he has never met mine. Four Months into our relationship I became pregnant. I was happy, but nervous and scared because we hadn’t been together very long and I wasn’t sure how Fred would react.