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His family is full of hate and drama

There is so much hate in his family. Everybody is disturbed in the mind. I have always had fingers pointed at me for the years I served them. I have been insulted by his family since the first day, and every time I went there. I want to be happy with my husband, and I don’t want anyone in my personal space.

Abused and beaten in pregnancy

My husband’s sister made me cut myself or she will kill me with a knife herself… Another time they attacked me and I was left paralysed for a time.

My husband and in-laws abuse me

Due to their physical and mental torture I lost my baby. My mother in-law blames me that I killed my baby to fulfill my sexual desires.

Abusive mother-in-law, husband says he hates me. Please tell me what I can do.

He says Jannah lies under mother’s feet. I agree with him, but does that mean injustices can be done with his wife? Now he says he hates me and asked me to go away from his life.