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Please Help Me – I Can’t Bear This

Allah pak may forgive me I was so tortured by my mother in law that even I tried to kill myself..

I need help with my mother in law

My husband does not speak up for me. He stays quiet when his mother swears at me and calls me disgusting names. I am very worried she may have done black magic or something similar.

Unfair Triple Talaaq

Men delivered a signed triple divorce paper to my house. A few days later they came again to ask for gifts back. Is the triple talaaq in writing valid?

How can I cope with my oppressive Mother in Law?

I need to find a way to live in that house without feeling trapped, anxious, scared or depressed…

My Mother-in-Law Controls My Life

I’ve lost my self esteem I am no longer happy or have that glow in my eyes. I feel depressed and I cry easily. I feel like a wild bird in a cage who is being taught how to be domesticated. I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just want simple dinner parties with other couples at our home, or simple stuff like that.

Why is my mother-in-law keeping us apart? What are my rights here?

My husband says I should not go to my parents without his permission. My mother-in-law now says to stop my job and do all the work of home. She has stopped her son arranging my visa.