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How can I do tawbah?

I’m 16 and I’ve been forced to do gay stuff. How can I get help from Allah and seek forgiveness?

Is premarital sex forgiveable in Islam?

Please help me get some closure to this. I want to know if Allah will forgive me or if everything I do now is pointless and I have no hope.

How can I find Allah’s forgiveness – I ruined my children’s lives?

I got into a wrong relation… When I said I would not go against my parents and spoil my kids’ life, he revealed all about my meeting and conversation to my family and my husbands family and a year ago I was divorced.

Will Allah forgive my sin?

I had sex with my girlfriend.

How can I find happiness?

Committed Zina, Depressed and Unhappy, Suicidal Thoughts… Allah will never forgive me. Help me please!

Ashamed after going back to masturbation.

At this point I am too scared to ask Allah for forgiveness. I’m scared that He might be thinking “you repent all month but then go back to the deed you have been repenting for. Hypocrite.”