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I feel terrible… but why can’t I cry?

He said he hates me and don’t love me any more and tell me taalaq may be some 10 times.

Is it abuse?

want to divorce him so I can be free and happy with my children, but he claims that because he is the father and they have dual citizenship in his country, he can take the kids at any time to live there. He has even told me that he doesn’t care if we separate, but the kids are his. I maintain that he is an unfit father because he can’t support them financially, never takes them to school or attends their school functions, and is verbally abusive to them.

I have anger problems from reciting Surah Tauba

I don’t want to suicide as it is haram, I just want to die. Even if I take revenge or kill someone, it will not be a solution because now I have become a topic of laughter. Please don’t tell me it’s haram and all, I know all that. Please let me know some dua or way to die!