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Can I love a Muslim man when still married to a Christian?

He won’t give me divorce because I converted to Islam.

Muslim Shiia in distress

I am married to a Christian man… but myself and my cousin have fallen in love. I do not feel I will divorce my husband for he loves me.

Can I marry my Muslim boyfriend after converting?

I’m converting, I’m not annulled with my catholic husband but can I remarry? If I get pregnant before marrying can the baby have their father’s name?

What are my rights in divorcing my Christian husband?


I am married to a man who basically converted to Islam just so as to marry me, but he has never practised Islam, and even admits to have only converted just to marry me, he is Christian.

Converted to Islam but still married to my Christian husband

Now that I am muslim, what will happen to my marriage with my Christian husband?

I want a Christian husband to let me raise my children as Muslims

I wish to marry a Christian man who will permit me to raise my children as Muslims.

I have been told I cannot do the nikah (get married) and I feel in a dilemma.