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Its haram to chat to a girl before marriage

I am in a relationship with a girl for 6 years and our parents has been accepted our relationship but because my careers my parents delaying the marrige. But she is hard to love me and she wants marriage as soon as possible but I am helpless and to satisfy her some times we used to talk in late night and that talk may reaches to her feelings.

I have had haraam relations with my boyfriend, how do I repent and make my parents agree to marry us?

I love a guy who is very good we are together for about 3 yrs mashallah and deeply in love. But we have done a sin, we did not engage in sexual intercourse but except that, hope you understood. Now we both want to repent things just happen and we actually cant figure it out. I really want to repent so do my bf and also that we dont want to do that again.

Trying to save a Relationship

I’m Italian, I’m 22 and I converted to Islam just about exactly 2 years ago. Before I converted, a Pakistani girl came into my life and at the time I was in no way looking for a relationship but she just would not leave me alone and finally I fell in love with her. But her family hates me and always tries to separate us.

Helpless and lonely

I am 26, girls usually get married around 18 or 19 years, but I am still single. Since I turned to 18 I am praying to Allah after every salat to bestow mercy on me n and prayed to get married soon.