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Daughter dating a white non-Muslim – what should we do?

She was with a boy who is not Muslim he is white. She says she wants a boyfriend and doesn’t care if he is Muslim or not. What should I do?

Hindu girl and Bengali-Muslim guy – love conflict

We have tried to stay away as we know how difficult our situation is however recently he told me that as he is getting older (he is 34) and has so much family pressure on him, he has to start thinking about settling down. He had discussed with his mum marrying a non-Bengali non-Muslim however she said that was not possible and then ignored the situation.

Christian woman kissed by married muslim man

Please help me figure this out. I have been friendly with a married but separated muslim man for a short time. We talk & usually its only a short chat. We met for lunch and he had mentioned that he has asked for divorce in the past but due to his faith he has not pursued it. He has said he would if he found the right woman to remarry. When parting, he leaned my way & kissed me square on – quite unexpectedly. I am now very confused about his intentions.

Married against my will at age 14 and dating a non-Muslim

hi im a muslim girl im 20 years old. when i was 14 my parents got me married to my cousin overseas (i live in australia). i never wanted this but i had no choice. He is coming out here once his paperwork is done. i am angry with what they have done to me. i’ve spoken to them about getting a divorce but they won’t listen.

Her father has threatened to kill her

I have known a young Islamic woman for 2 years now, you may find this hard to believe (as i am not a Muslim), but we have never committed any physical act although have been alone together. I have a great respect for her and her faith.

Her father recently found out about us and is utterly distraught. Myself and this young lady are so very close, it is breaking my heart to see her this way. We wish to be married, we wish to have a good life together, a decent life, but felt that, as we were both in a financialy unstable situation, and i am a non Muslim, it would be better to let him know at a later time.