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Molested and lost trust in Allah but now how can I fall in love with HIM again?

Things are better now but I don’t know how to connect with Allah. I don’t pray any more. I just have so much hatred in my heart. How can Allah allow this to happen to me? My mother prayed every morning for me but it never worked. I need to know how can I clear my mind and heart and fall back in love with Allah. Again I am so thankful for my healthy children and my lovely husband. But I find myself questioning everything.

I hate the idea of going to school and being a career woman; also how can I find a suitable partner?

I absolutely hate school and the idea of ever having to work. I’m a very smart and intelligent person, but the whole concept of school, and the competitiveness and the sucking up, in the job market doesn’t apply very well to the kind of person I am.

I want to be happy again like I used to be.

I want to go back to the person I was (happy, bubbly, ambitious, outgoing and fun). Please brothers and sisters help me regain normalcy. Tomorrow is my birhtday and I would like to start a new year as a happy woman.