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I’m Scared to RE-MARRY after a disaster marriage!!

My inner confidence is very low but I know this is another test for me and I pray to Allah swt for sincere help and guidance with tears wallahi and to you brothers and sisters for sincere help

In Love with a Muslim Convict, should I go ahead and marry him?

There is a Muslim man who is from the Middle East and converted to Islam during prision in 2006, MashAllah he is so religious and into the Deen, a lot of women tried to ruin his life, his ex wife framed him and now he is going back to prison.

I can’t digest that he is divorced from a non-Muslim

As salaamu alaikum. I am 31-year old , born-muslimah alhamdulillah. Never married with good education and job, alhamdulillah. Three months ago, I met a muslim brother, divorced with two kids (%50 custody of the kids).