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Online dating

I am afraid he is not in love with me.

I want to get married

I love him, he also said that he love me and want me forever in his life… but he have no time for chat or meet.

He is acting so confusing, and I’m dying for clarity

Then I told maulana about my dreams. He says there’s a 40% chance because the guy is acting so confusing. He said “forget about the promise, at least he should tell you to wait and give him some time to think and make up everything “. But he never said this, he never told me to wait for him. All he says is “I love you. Presently I need you, but I really don’t know about our future”.

My husband won’t even talk to me

I make duaa for Allah to bring us closer together. But I feel like he has stayed with me just so he won’t upset my mother, and I have found pictures on his laptop with girls in bikinis. I want to fix this and be happy.