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Salam brothers and sisters in islam.I am 25 years girl who met this guy on the internet. we have been chatting for sometime now, we talked about marriage before we even started our LDR online.He is a good guy though, we always engage in discussing our lives, the Quran sharing pictures and videos about islam and sometimes personal pictures. my main issue is he seems busy all the time, he is okay without talking to you the whole day, no message or call and when I text him too it takes a very long time for him to reply sometimes he doesn't reply and even reject my calls.whenever i try to end the relation he will tell me how much he needs me in his life, his attitude is killing me slowly .it has been going on for sometime now, I think he doesn't love me and wants to leave him but part of me is saying no. I really love him and wants to stay with him but I'm afraid he is not inlove with me. I am really confuse please help me

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  1. He's not busy when he's not answering you - he doesn't care. Most likely because he's got something going with someone else.

    He obviously doesn't feel the same way you feel about him. So why are you bothering him? You should have a lot more self respect and dump him immediately. It is reason enough not to continue with him.

    Just cut him off, dont tell him youre leaving him!

  2. Internet relationships are unserious. If you want to know if this guy really wants you in his life, or if he's just messing you about...give him a list of dates and ask him to pick one that suits him to meet your family. Cowards usually freak out when you start making demands on them, and show them that you expect serious action on their part.

    It's as simple as that, really :).

  3. If he doesn't love you, leave him. If he honestly did love you, it would have been clear as day and he would have wanted to contact your parents for marriage.

    Showing self-respect and dignity is more important than being in a haraam relationship that's leading nowhere.

    Be strong, for your own sake.

  4. He's not into you. Plus hun, internet relationships rarely ever work. I suggest you move on and may Allah help you find a better man who actually bothers to answer your calls and texts. Get over it while you still have time. Save yourself a heartbreak <3

  5. Assalaamualaykum munice.

    I'm sorry to hear of the pain you are going through. For every sin we commit, we will have a negative situation happen, unless Allah has chosen not to guide us and leave us astray.

    So the good news is that you are being guided by this confusion and heartache which I feel very bad that you are experiencing.

    The right thing to do in this situation is to ask your parents to reach out to his parents, as you should not be communicating with him online as you are. It opens the door to emotional upheaval, which Allah does not wish upon you.

    Once your parents are in communication, he can send a proper proposal if he is interested.

    May Allah guide you, Ameen,



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