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Online dating

I am afraid he is not in love with me.

My husband does not listen to me and says I argue all the time

l just want to be able to talk to my husband openly and freely without all the animosity. How do I do this?

I’ve found out my husband watches porn

Will it hurt his male ego if I talk to him about it? He is trying to maintain a good image before me. I don’t want to hurt his dignity.

My husband won’t even talk to me

I make duaa for Allah to bring us closer together. But I feel like he has stayed with me just so he won’t upset my mother, and I have found pictures on his laptop with girls in bikinis. I want to fix this and be happy.

My husband is not happy with our lovemaking

My husband says that I never cooperated with him when we made love. He demands wild sex, but I don’t know what is all that, and he does not discuss with me what he actually wants.

I was divorced but wish to give our relation another chance

I have recently gotten divorced. at the time i was sure i wanted to end my marraige but now after divorcing im having second thoughts

Online friendship becoming romantic, I feel confused

I’ve been chatting to a girl online who recently reverted to Islam. She’s fallen in love with me. I’ve been talking to her for a while, although we haven’t spoken to each other because she knows it not allowed in Islam so I’ve talked through social website.

How can I communicate my sexual needs to my husband without hurting him?

Assalam U Alaikum

I feel strange writing here but I sincerely need help and this can’t be from people I know because then my personal and family matters would not remain personal anymore. I have been happily married for the past ten years mashallah..The problem is that I don’t enjoy sexual relations with my husband.

I don’t know how to tell my father I want to marry

Since I have started working he always doubts me and feels I am up to no good when deep down I am really not. I still cannot find the way to tell my dad that I want to get married because I would only get a response which would be criticism and he would most likely want me to leave.

I have been living separately from my husband for nearly 18 months, am I divorced?

Please help me as i am totally lost here. I have been living seperately from my husband for nearly 18 months. I have had no sexual relationship with him and certainly no contact. During my marriage it was never good as we never communicated with each other, never had dinner together and never really had much physical contact.