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Dumped out of the Blue after 3 and a half years – will he ever speak to me again?

What hurts the most is the way he just suddenly cut me off after 3 and a half years. I’m shocked that I helped him so much in life when he was in trouble with work and money and he suddenly just turned his back on me. We used to speak every day and now, suddenly – nothing.

In love with a brother that used me and dumped me

I’m in love with a brother that has used and dump me I have tried to forget about him with prayer but my mind is stil there.

Later i met a brother after my istikhara on him. I saw in my dream that my mum does not approve it, i found when I woke up and I try to convince her, but my father don’t approve it.

Can’t get over the fact that he played me

I had a relationship with this Muslim guy who happens to be my friend of 9 years and it lasted a month..but I”m emotionally damaged and very much ashamed of myself that I went into a relationship trusting him so much.