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Seeking advice regarding relationship

His friend saw me and said something to him and he left me. I asked for the reason. He said “you’re not as beautiful as I thought”.

Love, stress, tension, family issues…

I am praying to ALLAH(SWT) may she come back to me.. and I even think now that there might be a problem something must be wrong!!

Did I do the right thing? Please, help me seek right answers to what happened to me!

I heard what goes around comes around, I have never even thought of anything to hurt someone in any way then why did it happen to me? and what meaning should i get it from all this?

She left me but I still need her

I couldnt bear it and I informed her father that I have been loving his daughter for the past 6 years… Her father started beating her up and took her mobile and other ways of communication out of her reach.