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My inlaws are accusing me of stealing

We live with my inlaws and ever since I had my baby my mother inlaw has been accusing of stealing her belongings, from cloths to jewellery to thousands of pounds.

He married other one while divorcing me, is it legal?

He caused so much havoc in my family to get a visa since it was meant to expire in April this year and then re-marry someone else in July 2011. He had made false allegations in March 2011 to my father ….

My brother´s lies about me has caused my family to reject me

My brothers and sisters have played games instead of saying this to my face they have assumed alot of things which are not true. They think i am paranoid because I have had personal probles with my husband. This is not true. My brother has told a lot of lies, they are the reason I have become so paranoid because i don´t trust them.

I read 2 or 3 namaza a day. I feel they all gang up on me,…

My parents rejected the boy I love because of his looks and financial status

I’m in love with this practising muslim boy but my parents would not accept him because they think he’s not good enough for me in terms of looks and his financial status. I’m truly in love with him and wish my parents would see that.

I dont want to divorce my husband but I am also scared of giving him another chance

I had a nikkah over the phone and had only met my husband after I had the nikkah since he lived in pakistan and I live in the UK. This was an arranged marriage. I had seen his picture and had spoken to him over the phone. Since my parents knew the family so well and my in laws seemed so nice I thought my parents made the right decision