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How can I prove my fiance is innocent ?

His name is spoiled for a false claim and everyone backbites and gossips.

Seeking advice on the matter of a physical and verbal abuser husband

I was only 18 when I got married to him. He is extremely insecure and abusive towards me.

Divorcing spouse – having mixed feelings

I filed for divorce from my wife and am having a difficult decision being firm in my decision.

Problems with my mother

She blames unnecessarily others for stealing her things. At times she even gives curse or bad words.

I miss my ex husband so much… I want him back.

We are both so very depressed. We love each other but he doesn’t want us to get back together.

Does Allah reveal the truth one day?

I just want his mother’s lie would be revealed. Does Allah punish them for doing such things to me and my family?

False blame for being a terrorist

He has said “I will destroy your life and make false charges for being a terrorist – I will file a case against you.”

15 months marriage going down due to mother in law

They even lodged petition against me that I am already married to a girl in UK and betrayed them, I beat my wife…

I can’t move on after my divorce

I have a son to look after and I have to be strong for me to be with him. But I am broken from inside.

How can I prove my innocence to my fiance?

In the last 2-3 Months he has been accusing me of being unfaithful. I do not understand how and why he has these thoughts in his head. I am completely innocent and would never ever do such a thing.