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How can I prove my fiance is innocent ?

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Last year I was engaged to a man from my relation but I always feel something weird on his behavior.

So I told one of my friend who is my uncle's son to get his number to know whether he was really interested in this marriage or else it was forced upon him ( as this man's parents decide everything on their own rather asking a word from their children ). My friend agreed ( my family will never allow to talk or chat with the guy we are engaged to,so I had no other choice ) and got his number from one of his close relation ( the man side ) but after I got his number I never even preceded in calling or messaging him as we all were busy in marriage preparation.

After few weeks the man's father called my papa and said that my friend and myself are in a relation and my friend called his son and confessed him we are in love and warned him not to get married. But my friend promised and took oath upon Quran that he is innocent and that was a false claim .It caused a big stir in our family and our society as everyone are against love and the one who are in love and it took less than a day for my name to get spoiled to an extent that my parents couldn't come across a single person who gossips about us together ( me and my friend ). But the real truth the guy I was engaged to was in love with my cousin rather confessing their own they turn the table and spoiled mine and my friend name together and the main person who was behind it was the guy close relation whom my friend asked the man's number.

But after that eventually me and my friend got engaged, its been six months ( Alhamdulillah ). Which hurts me till the most is ,his name is spoiled for such a false claims and everyone backbites and gossips and thinks he was the one who did and the guy who gave the number actually adds more lies  and spreads it yet till now.

Me and my friend are feeling very troubled and broken inside for being accused for such a lie. Is it reasonable for me to pray against them ? Is their any dua or prayer to prove my friends innocence ? and guide us from all the backbites ?

I hope and highly appreciate if anyone of you replies.

May Allah subuhana wa ta Allah guide us all in a good path and shower his blessing upon us.
Jazaka Allah !

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  1. You should dua and only ALLAH can change everything .

  2. Salam,

    Did you two actually get engaged to each other after this rumor or engaged to other people?

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