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I drank alcohol at a party but want to pray. My peers think otherwise.

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I pray regularly five times a day. However, last week I drank alcohol at a friend's party.

That morning I wanted to pray Fajr but my friends stopped me, saying that "you just drank the night and how do you intend to stand for prayers?"

My heart leans towards the prayers, but ever since they told me that, I just can't pray. They even stated something about a 40 day prohibition.

What should I do?


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  1. Wsalam,

    Your friends cant tell you want to do and not to do. If you and your heart is leaning towards prayer that means your heart is still in good place and is yearning towards Allah which is a good sign, what happens is when you indulge in these sort of things (distraction sins) it starts to kill your heart slowly until it affects your faith and the heart starts to get filled with black spots... and starts to die.

    I'll share some interesting links on the effects of sins on a persons mind, body heart and soul.

    Not heard of the 40 day prohibition I would seek istighfar and tawba from Allah and continue your prayers.

    Nobody is perfect or an angel and we do things for different reasons, experiment, friends influence etc.

    Your faith and heart are precious and not worth it.

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