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I drank alcohol at a party but want to pray. My peers think otherwise.

I am a practicing Muslim but committed a sin. Will Allah welcome me back?

He won’t admit to smoking, drinking, or abuse. Should I get divorced?

My husband, with whom I am in a long-distance marriage, won’t admit to or give up alcohol or smoking. What can I do to bring him back on the straight path?

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I feel as though I’ve ruined my life…

Seeking advice for marriage

He asked me for marriage and I have agreed… The issue is with his family…

How can I change my life?

I’m in drugs, I drink, I had sex a couple of times, but i’ve done taubah and i wont be doing that stuff anymore.

Marriage in conflict and leading to divorce. I need to make a decision…

He would use abusive language and insult me… started taking drugs, smoking and drinking. He left his job. He has threatened me of doing wrong with me and punish me. But he doesn’t want divorce…

My Fiance drinks and I don’t like it; should I marry her?

She claims that it shouldn’t be a big problem because she doesn’t perform it often. She knows the severity of it the sin yet she is insistent on not stopping it. She is an amazing girl, yet I am repulsed by drinking and so is my family. Shall I get engaged and in time get married with this girl?

My husband drinks alcohol heavily

I need major help please do help me with the right information. My husband drinks beer every night and drinks heavily on weekends and he always wants to have sex and sometimes he gets his way just to avoid the problems.

My husband is a good man, but has no interest in Deen

At the time I got married to him he said he doesn’t drink and he was smoking but he gave up. After I moved to Australia he started again. He doesn’t drink all the time but occasionally at office parties and entertaining their non Muslim cousins at home.
It’s written in out marriage certificate that he is giving Sri Lankan Rupees 50000 as mahar but he never gave. How important is that?

My 21 year old brother is tearing apart my family

Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, I’m a 19 year old muslim sister living in the US. For two or three years now, my older brother has been rebelling, increasingly so, and drifting from Islam and its teachings. I understand that we are surrounded by media and culture that promotes such things to happen, but I […]