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I swore a lie on the Quran only to make my parents happy

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Quran Al-Kareem

I have made a sin when I was 14 years old. My parents forced me to take my hand on the Quran and promise to not do it again.

So I did. But I know in my heart, mind and soul that I only promise to keep them happy and not for me. I know I will never be able to keep this promise.

So will I get punished by Allah for not keeping the promise?

- EJ

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  1. You definitely will, I am sorry to say this, because you touching the words of Allah and breaking your promises. You are disrespecting Allah and that’s Haram

    • Dear EJ

      To be honest you were 14 and didn’t know better, on the hand your parents should not have put you in that situation and made you swear by the holy Quran:(. Astaqfurullah May Allah forgive them.

      You said you know know you won’t be able to keep that promise, you made -that was back when you were 14 right?..there’s nothing you can’t do, if you have a will to do something you can do it! What you did in the past will be forgiven if you repent ,seek Allah’s guidance and continue with your SalaH give charity and sadqa,above all ask your parents to forgive you or make doa for them. Fasting is another way of expiating sins- just do what ever it takes to please Allah sunhaatala.,

      Good news is,Allah’s mercyful. Do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy, if you read Quran you will know Allah is most forgiving, he is Ar/Reman and Ghafor-rurraheem .. if you sincerely repent with sincere intention not to repeat the sin, InshaAllah you will be forgiven by the grace of Almighty.
      Take responsibilty and you can change your destiny with Allah.
      Allah says in Quran, even if you have sin accumulated up to the mountain you will be forgiven. Indeed not keeping a promise is a great sin specially swearing by Quran is grave sin . Losing hope is also dear do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy .
      Allah knows best

    • Shafiul, you do not know who will or will not be punished by Allah. So please do not be arrogant.

      The boy was only 14 and furthermore was compelled to make the oath. In Islam we are not liable for that which is done under duress. This is a basic principle that all Muslims should know. As a child, he was not free to disobey his parents in this, which means that he took the oath against his will.

      To the original poster, in my opinion the oath is invalid. However, if the thing you swore not to do is truly haram, then obviously you should avoid that thing, oath or no oath. You did not mention what the thing was, so I cannot advise you on that matter.

      Wael Editor

      • I am saying in this like as a general, if you do that then yes you will get punished but Allah knows who truly will be punished, but it’s common sense that if anyone does that and then breaks their promise then it’s haram

  2. Seeking for Allah forgiveness will be the last option for you So just repent and you will be forgiven

  3. I think you should talk to a local imam. I'm sure he wilil suggest an easy way out

  4. Asalamualaykum Brother/Sister EJ,

    You write:" I know I will never be able to keep this promise."

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do when you put your mind to it. Try taking it just one day at a time. Find something to look forward to each day, so that your mind stays on that thought/activity, and not on doing the sin. Pretty soon it will become habit to refrain from that sin. I read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit. So if you can make it 3 weeks without doing that sin, you will have a much easier time doing so in the future.

    Best 🙂


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