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Rejecting marriage proposal due to lineage

Can we reject a proposal because of negative traits in the girl’s family?

My husband’s ex-wife wont leave us alone!

I know they will take pictures of our baby, and the lady will send it straight to his ex, so I did tell my husband I would ask them not to, and also tell them the reason why. My husband said it’s not right, but I could do what I think is best.

A Close same-sex friend of mine likes me

A friend told me she had a crush on me… The news spread like wildfire, everyone thought we were together.

How can I prove my fiance is innocent ?

His name is spoiled for a false claim and everyone backbites and gossips.


This time I got married to the right guy and it was not love marriage but it ended very bad. Now what do I do with my life?

I am not able to forgive myself for my behavior…

What I did and said is killing me so much for doing this to my mother, under whose feet is jannah and who Allah has commanded to be kind to.


I don’t even remember the people I wronged. How can I ask them for forgiveness ?

Is it wrong listening to mom’s problems?

Is it Ghibah ?!! Even if I try to remain neutral or silent still I’m a human . I may say yes or no to certain things . Or answer some . Plus if I remain silent she complains that I don’t listen…

Will my past haunt me??

I don’t know what to do, I know if I told my husband he would leave.

My father rejected him for culture

In our world, culture and what ladies say about us or our family is so important. Alhamdulilah, the guy I want was rejected by my father for an unimportant reason- culture. I believe Allah created all of us and no culture is better than another.