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How can I win her parent’s approval after gossip and lies have damaged it?

Some miscreants have told some false stories about my family and made the girl’s parents to break our relationship. Myself and my parents have tried to convince them to know the truth and accept the relationship but the girl’s family is not willing to do so.

Getting over lost love

My name is Asma. I was born and raised in America and my family is from Pakistan. I attended a muslim school since childhood and have tried my best to stay a good muslim throughout my life. A few years ago one of my male relative told me that he was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I also liked him alot and wanted to marry him as well. We talked on the phone several times and met up a few times over a year ( we did not do anything haraam except for talking and holding hands..)

Got physical with a stranger I met online and now worried about my parents and reputation

Well I don’t know how to put this … I’ve done a lot of bad sins in my life. Like I go see guys when my parents are strict and don’t allow that. But this time I’ve let myself down. This guy flirted with me on a social network, I didn’t like talking to him at first but when I got to know him.. well I started to like him

My 21 year old brother is tearing apart my family

Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, I’m a 19 year old muslim sister living in the US. For two or three years now, my older brother has been rebelling, increasingly so, and drifting from Islam and its teachings. I understand that we are surrounded by media and culture that promotes such things to happen, but I […]